Concert tickets rethought, everyone wins

Up-and-coming artists have a problem. They can't pinpoint which cities have their strongest fan base. Ticketometer makes it easy for artists find their fans and set up a show.

Fan benefits

  • Ticketometer is completely risk-free. If a show you purchase tickets for doesn't happen, you will receive a full refund (we'll even refund you the service fee, unlike other ticket sites).
  • More of your favorite artists are coming to play your city! Artists can safely create shows in cities that were previously thought to be too small or risky.
  • No more poorly-attended shows. Setoff points create crowded concerts.

Artist benefits

  • Play gigs in new cities. Ticketometer lets you gauge fan interest with precision before committing to play a show.
  • Poorly attended shows waste time and money. Decide how many attendees are needed to make the show profitable, then only play the show if that many people buy tickets!
  • There is no downside to scheduling a show. It costs you nothing.

Venue benefits

  • Hosting shows with pre-sold attendance guarantees business. Pack your venue any night of the week.
  • Ticketometer removes the uncertainties associated with scheduling bands to perform. Never be disappointed by weak turnout again.
  • Pre-sold attendance is a win-win scenario. Ticketometer means more well-attended shows in need of a venue!

Have you noticed that a lot of links direct you to this page?

This site is still in beta version

This basic version of the site allows artists to create shows that only take place if a minimum number of tickets are sold and works great, but we are still adding a ton of features. We will be building out the rest of the site over the coming weeks, which will include more facebook and social network connectivity, deeper explanations of how to use ticketometer, and additional benefits for fans, artists and venues.