There’s a scene in the 1994 movie PCU where they are getting ready to go to a concert, and one of the characters is wearing the t-shirt of the band that they’re getting ready to go see. This is followed by the now famous quote: “don’t be that guy.” There’s an unspoken law that you should never, ever do this. You definitely don’t want to be “that guy.”

With that in mind, some people put a lot of thought into what they wear to a concert. It might seem silly, but what you wear makes a huge difference in how much you enjoy the show. And this doesn’t go for just wearing the wrong band t-shirt to a show. Different venues have different conditions at different times of the year, and dressing incorrectly can make you absolutely miserable. For example, some outdoor concert venues have seating underneath a roof, while the general admission seats are out in the open. If it starts to rain and you are wearing a tank top and shorts, you are likely going to be miserable and not enjoy the show. Thinking about what you’re going to wear is a pain. Really, who wants to spend extra time getting ready when they could be hanging out in the parking lot, partying and getting ready to see the show of the year? Spending that time getting ready so your attire is perfect could be exactly what allows you to have a great time, though.

For something like an all-day festival, the stakes are even higher. When the sun goes down, the temperature is going to change, and if you’re not ready to go from sun and fun to dark and cool, by the time the headliners take the stage, you will want to leave. Or, what if the idiots in front of you spill beer all over you? Do you want to be soaked and smelly for the rest of the day? Pack extra clothes, just in case.

Indoor shows can be just as tricky. What if they are overly air conditioned, and you are dressed to stay cool? You’ll freeze, and again, not have fun. No matter where you are going to go, make sure that you know what the seating situation is, whether or not the weather will have an impact on the show at all, and if you need to, bring extra clothes with you. At a show, you will always want to be prepared, so when you’re packing up your bag of supplies, throw the extras that you will need in with you. You want to pack light for sure, but you also want to be able to have fun if something unexpected happens. If it starts raining, you can just reach into your bag and throw on that disposable poncho you brought. If you’re sitting right under the insanely cold AC unit, you will have the long sleeve shirt you packed in the bottom of your bag. These are little things that you can do that will let you enjoy yourself, even if the weather seems to be conspiring against you.

You’ve waited a really long time to go see your favorite band play, and being dressed incorrectly can put a damper on how much enjoyment you get out of it. It might seem like a hassle right now, and hopefully that’s all that it ends up being. But, if something does pop up, or the rain clouds unexpectedly decide that they want to see the show too, you will have your preparedness on your side. Don’t let anything get in the way of having fun at the show.

And above all else, don’t be that guy.