How Far is too Far?

How far is too far to go to a concert? While that’s a personal question and it really depends on each person, and the show that they are going to see, some bands attract people from longer distances than others. A recent survey showed that people who get tickets to go see Phish tend to drive further than any other band’s fan base will. The median amount of travel that a Phish fan undergoes to see their band play is over 150 miles! That’s a long drive for a concert, but for many people, it’s worth it.

Country legend Garth Brooks was in a distant second place with a median travel amount of 84 miles. Other country stars on the list included Luke Bryan and Taylor Swift, if she is still considered a country singer. These two commanded median distances of over 40 miles each.

There were a handful of other performers that were less than impressive that made the survey. For example, Selena Gomez stood at just under 30 miles. Some people drive further than that to go to work every day! That’s not meant as a slight against Gomez or any other musician, but it does put the popularity of the artist in perspective.

Some of the names on the list were not surprises. Adele, Guns n Roses, and Justin Bieber all stood near the top of the list. Adele had a long hiatus from live performances, Gun n Roses had an even longer absence from the music scene, and Justin Bieber, well, he’s Justin Bieber. Other names were surprising. For example, Drake and Future had a large distance travelled, as did Twenty One Pilots. These artists are fairly new and they attract younger audiences, so distances would be more difficult to obtain.

How far would you drive if you had tickets to your favorite band? 50 miles? 100 miles? More?

When you’re thinking about buying concert tickets that are long distances away, there are a whole number of things that you need to consider. Will you be driving home that night? Will you need to get a hotel room? Gas certainly adds to the cost of a concert, as does paying for overnight accommodations. Carpooling with your friends can help, as can having everyone pitch in a little bit for the hotel stay. This way, you get to see your favorite band play, even if it’s far away. You get to go to the show, have fun, and then not worry too much about the two-plus hour drive home in the middle of the night. If you want to have a couple drinks at the show (assuming your 21 or older), you can. You can walk from the concert to the hotel and not have to worry about driving under the influence or falling asleep at the wheel. Thinking ahead about this stuff will let you have more fun at the show, and worry less about details afterward. You won’t have to worry about hours in the car, and you won’t have to fight the frustration of crowded streets thanks to post-concert traffic.

This way, it’s easier to drive that 100 miles or more to go see Phish, or whoever else you want. Concerts are supposed to be fun, and if your favorite band doesn’t ever play near you, you shouldn’t have to suffer because of that. Get your tickets, figure out travel and accommodations, and then focus on having the fun that you deserve to have. That’s what music is all about. That’s why concerts are such a big deal. Thinking of this stuff first will let you enjoy them even more.