The Best Ticket Sites

When you are buying tickets for a concert, a show, or a sporting event, you want to make sure that you are going through a reputable source. That’s why it’s so important that you go through the best ticket sites, and not just a random vendor. Once upon a time, it was okay to go to an event right before it started and find someone to sell you tickets on the street. Maybe you’d pay a bit more for it, but maybe you’d get lucky. The legalities of this were often questionable, but at least you’d be where you wanted to be.

Get All the TicketsToday, we have many more options available to us, and they are almost all better than the scalping of yesteryear. Where scalping had an element of uncertainty to it, you always know what you are getting when you go to a ticket site. The prices are posted clearly, and once you go to the checkout section, you can see exactly what fees you are paying and a total price. You can also use the tools on the site to see where you’re sitting before you purchase tickets.

You’re also no longer waiting until the last minute. That in itself relieves a ton of the stress of buying tickets. Even if it’s the day before, you can purchase your tickets, download them, and then print them out. No more showing up to the event and hoping that you aren’t paying triple or quadruple what the tickets are worth just to get in. While this did have an element of excitement in it, this isn’t why you went to the venue. If your favorite band is playing, you don’t want to play guessing games about whether or not you’ll get to see them play ten minutes before they take the stage. Going through an online vendor will allow you to secure your tickets well ahead of time, and not overpay for great tickets unless you want to, for some strange reason. You now have the upper hand, not the sketchy guy holding the thing you want.

You don’t want to purchase from just anyone, though. If you do this, then you are taking steps backward toward the morally questionable days of the scalper. Instead, look for ticket sites that have excellent reviews like StubHub, TicketLiquidator, TicketNetwork, VividSeats, SeatGeek, or one of the several others out there, and purchase from them. These sites all have tens of thousands of loyal customers, and they have all stood the test of time. Some are parts of larger companies, while others specialize just in tickets. Either way, when you go with a reputable site, you are ensuring that you are getting exactly what you paid for.

If you still are unsure, look at customer reviews and site security. Make sure the site does what they say they do, and read the client testimonials posted around the web to ensure it. Make sure that the site has SSL encryption so that your credit card information stays safe. Finally, make sure that the site guarantees their product. You don’t want to purchase a pair of tickets for you and your boyfriend, only to find out that your tickets aren’t going to arrive on time or that they aren’t the seats that you paid for. The best sites out there all stand behind their products and will either refund your money if this happens, or will get you even better seats for the show you want to go see. When you go with a top ranked site, your satisfaction and security isn’t just a distant concern, it is something you shouldn’t ever need to compromise.