How Far is too Far?

How far is too far to go to a concert? While that’s a personal question and it really depends on each person, and the show that they are going to see, some bands attract people from longer distances than others. A recent survey showed that people who get tickets to go see Phish tend to drive further than any other band’s fan base will. The median amount of travel that a Phish fan undergoes to see their band play is over 150 miles! That’s a long drive for a concert, but for many people, it’s worth it.

Country legend Garth Brooks was in a distant second place with a median travel amount of 84 miles. Other country stars on the list included Luke Bryan and Taylor Swift, if she is still considered a country singer. These two commanded median distances of over 40 miles each. Continue reading “How Far is too Far?”

Have Fun but Don’t be that Guy

There’s a scene in the 1994 movie PCU where they are getting ready to go to a concert, and one of the characters is wearing the t-shirt of the band that they’re getting ready to go see. This is followed by the now famous quote: “don’t be that guy.” There’s an unspoken law that you should never, ever do this. You definitely don’t want to be “that guy.” Continue reading “Have Fun but Don’t be that Guy”